Aberdare History & Culture

Aberdare has a rich history which dates back to the twelfth century. In the nineteenth century the town grew into a prosperous suburban area and trade centre. This was to serve the population boom caused by the mines and the growth of iron working in the area.

Aberdare Canal

The canal was vital to industry in the nineteenth century. It played a key role in ensuring the industry of the area could transport Coal and Iron to the docks in Cardiff during the industrial revolution.

Gadlys Ironworks

Now the home to Cynon Valley Museum and Gallery, the Ironworks in Gadlys opened in 1827. For further information visit:

Aberdare Map

For a map of Aberdare in 1868 click here.

The map links to the following areas of interest in Aberdare.

  • Churches
  • High Street
  • Aberdare Constitutional Club
  • Canon Street
  • Commercial Street
  • Victoria Square
  • Cardiff Street
  • Green Fach

Cwm Dare (Dare Valley)

Read more: Cwm Dare (Dare Valley)

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